The Shakespeare App

Memorize, edit, and publish Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, and monologues.


Start with the full text and progressively remove words from each line with a slider. Start by leaving in the first letter of each word, then challenge yourself by fully blanking out random words. Fine tune your learning by hiding more words from the beginning of a script, which you probably know best, and leaving more at the end.


Adapt Shakepeare's original works to suit your performance needs by editing the text, deleting or reordering lines of dialog, or even deleting and reordering entire acts and scenes. As soon as you start editing, we create a copy of the play so the original remains. If you need to, you can restore Shakespeare's original text with a tap.


Share your edited work with an entire cast or audience by publishing it to the cloud. With a shareable five-letter code, other app users can use and memorize the script on their devices. Even without the app, cast members can access your published script here. Changes are automatically pushed to your subscribers' devices.